“EXO through the eras”

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During middle school, Baekhyun was said to really take good care of his seatmate. One time, his seatmate forgot to bring his pencil, so he started worrying. Baekhyun gave his own pencil and told him, “you can use this” so Baekhyun’s seatmate was really touched. But then right before the guy could express his thanks, Baekhyun opened his mouth to say, “since you’re using it, take my notes for me.”

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mama yixing is looking for bao bei zitao

yixing is such a mother hen it hurts


If this picture doesn’t sum up Do Kyungsoo, I don’t know what does


"Thank you everyone for wishing me a happy birthday!" - Sehun (cr.)


he wrote encouraging words with all his heart


but his face says otherwise


"see u in hell bitch"

140224 Himchan Twitter & Instagram Update
trans. cr; anna @ baptrans

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What I Learn About EXO From 2 Years

  • Xiumin: Shy; not-a-boazi-anymore; twerking master; secretly the sexiest member; xiuhan
  • Luhan: Does flips when running away from bad guys instead of just freakin running straight; Xiumin Xiumin Xiumin; derp derp derp derp
  • Kris: Galaxy hyung/oppa; Ben Ben; "Chicken is not my style" but eats the freakin chicken a few minutes later; Kriscasso
  • Suho: Takes out credit card in 0.00000001 seconds; Grandpa Suho--> Rap Ho; Tao's mama not an old lady
  • Lay: Rainbows; unicorns; chiu chiu chiu; kisses EXO members a lot -cough- SEHUN AND XIUMIN -cough-; angel at heart; cute to sexy in 0.000000001 seconds; has an obbession with Baekhyun's grandma's house
  • Baekhyun: Kkaepsong; Rap Byun; Mocks the members a lot; Aegyo King
  • Chanyeol: Probably the only member that can actually survive in the jungle alone; baby wolf; still laughs at everything
  • Chen: Troll master; his Chinese is fucking one of the most attractive things ever; SM the Ballad
  • D.O: Voice is sex; squishy on the outside, devil on the inside; 100% done with EXO
  • Tao: Badass on the outside, a kid on the inside; food food food; selca; reads fanfiction of TaoHun; WEIBO WEIBO
  • Kai: Kyungsoo Kyungsoo Kyungsoo; chicken crazy/Onew's long lost chicken twin; cute as fuck; dog lover; braids
  • Sehun: Yehet!; Ohorat!; actually sensitive on the inside; hair color changes every 12 seconds



Luhan puts his hand up Suho’s ass 

omfg why do i stan a bunch of dumdums

ARTIST: D.O. and Chanyeol
SONG: Nothing on You
ALBUM: Cover


d.o and chanyeol // nothing on you